UAE’s Newly Approved Women and Child Abuse Prevention Policy: An Overview


The UAE Cabinet has by a resolution passed recently (“Resolution”) approved a new family protection policy that is aimed at tackling domestic violence as well as the abuse of children, women and the elderly (“New Policy”). The New Policy is part of the leadership’s efforts to stand by the family, children and vulnerable members of society.

What class of citizens are covered under the New Policy?

As per the Resolution, the New Policy is quite inclusive and caters to a wide section of society including women, children, the elderly, and people of determination (disability) and specifically aims to protect them from violence and abuse.

What will it regulate?

The New Policy will regulate the procedures and mechanisms of work in institutions specializing in the field of domestic violence. The overall objective is to unify concepts, forms and procedures and thereby contribute to a unified work frame.

Protection through what mechanisms?

 The New Policy aims to unify concepts and procedures in order to create a comprehensive framework relation to domestic violence. Furthermore, the policy includes mechanism for protection and intervention, as well as other mechanisms of prevention and raising awareness within the community about domestic violence. The policy also includes standards for training of staff who are working in related fields and increasing competencies, as well as studies, research and statistics.

Various initiatives will be launched as part of the new policy including a unified database linking institutions dealing with family protection at the federal level, introducing university disciplines in the field of family protection, and establishing a standardized system for reporting and receiving complaints at the federal level. The policy will also launch initiatives for the issuance of law and strategy for family protection.

The policy is also concerned with the prevention of domestic violence and there will be initiatives and necessary actions implemented for the same. The policy aims to deter domestic violence before it happens in order to protect affected families and women.

What are the other welfare measures for women and child welfare in the UAE?

Compared to other nations of the region, UAE has earned global praise for its progressive stance on women empowerment and taking affirmative steps for their empowerment and protection. As per the Global Gender Gap report released by the World Economic Forum, UAE ranks 2nd for wage equality for similar work.

When it comes to women’s rights, UAE accords the same constitutional rights to women as is available to men. UAE has also established a Gender Balance Council aimed at enhancing the work environment for women and giving them equal opportunities in the public sector.

UAE is one of the few countries that actively rolls out socio-economic benefits as a matter of positive obligation.


The New Policy formulation aimed at preventing women and child abuse is reflective of the increasingly liberal, welfare-centric & human rights friendly approach of the UAE rulers. This extraordinary approach to gender justice in UAE, compared to that prevailing in other countries in the region, speaks volumes of the importance and inherent utility of the well-being of womankind and other vulnerable sections of the society in nation-building and enhancing its productivity.


Adv. Richa Dewan
Corporate & Commercial | Property – Real Estate |
DIFC Litigation | Arbitration and Dispute Resolution